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Gokirakutei 5Points of Appeal

Point1 The hot spring water is pure, uncirculated 100% natural hot spring water

  • hot spring
The hot spring water used at Gokirakutei is not diluted, boiled, or circulated. It’s 100% all natural hot spring water. Kohantei’s open-air bath is also an option for our hotel guest use.Read more

Point2Plenty of enjoyable attractions! Sightseeing nearby the hotel

  • Usuzan Ropeway
  • bear ranch
  • fireworks
There are some enjoyable tourist attractions near the hotel including a sightseeing boat for Toyako Lake, Usuzan Ropeway, and Bear Ranch. In the summer time, you can get on a boat to enjoy fireworks as they light up the night sky.Read more

Point3A minute stroll to sister hotel “Kohantei” Kohantei’s facilities are also available for use

  • open-air bath
  • karaoke
  • table tennis
Please enjoy the facilities (open-air bath, karaoke, table tennis, and goods shop) of our sister hotel “Kohantei” that is just before the hotel.Read more

Point4Choose preferable meal plans

  • Gokiraku Zen
  • buffet
  • depending image
You can choose to stay without meals or enjoy a buffet at our sister hotel “Kohantei” depending on your accommodation plan.Read more

Point5Ease of travel Reasonable price

  • room
For a comfortable stay with your friends or even just by yourself, we offer a most reasonable price.Reservation
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